Misting Fans vs. Air Conditioners

Misting fan or air conditioner? A lot of people seem to be having issues when deciding which of the two cooling systems to use. Both have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

While this kind of debate is not new, the idea needs to be revisited given the advancements made in both kinds of technology. There are a lot of consumers out there who have little to no clue on what it is they should do. Some want to get an air conditioner but think that it will burn a lot of their money, while there are those who are tempted to get a nice misting fan, but are hesitant in getting one.

Below are some of the pros and cons that will put the misting system up against an air conditioner for those who want to know more before they make their purchase.

The price tag and cost of operation

The first and one of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing between misting fans and an air conditioner, is the price tag and the cost of operation.

Between the two systems, it is quite obvious that the misting system will be the cheaper option. It is significantly less expensive to purchase and use when compared to an air conditioner.

Air conditioners are tremendously expensive when compared to a misting system. They are also very expensive to operate as they consume a large amount of electricity even when compared to several fans working simultaneously.

If price and cost of operation is a major issue, then the misting system will definitely win out.

Providing a cool environment

misting fans

In terms of providing a colder environment, the air conditioner wins hands down, in most situations anyway.

Air conditioners will generally win any competition in providing a location with a well regulated cold environment. The only way a misting system can have an edge over an air conditioner is if they are used in an open environment.

Some high pressure misting systems are used in conjunction with one another in order to reduce the ambient heat in a given outdoor environment. In fact, this sort of practice was the very first time that misting systems saw use when they were used to cool livestock.

The biggest downside to misting systems is that their performance is highly dependent upon certain variables. Ventilation techniques, humidity, and wind speed and direction are just some of the more important things to consider when operating a misting system.

When it comes to the indoor environment however, nothing beats air conditioners. Unlike misting systems, the performance of an air conditioner is not dependent upon certain environmental factors like a misting fan.

Those who want excellent and consistent performance will value the air conditioner more than the misting system.

Ease of assembly and maintenance

Between the two, the misting system is the one which requires less effort to assemble. Air conditioners do not exactly have to be assembled per se, but does require a lot of effort in order to install it.

Fans have to be cleaned regularly less they blow air that is mixed with a lot of dirt. Air conditioners do not have to be cleaned as regularly as fans do with the added upside of being easier to clean.

Versatility of use

Between the two the misting system provides owners with more applications than the typical air conditioner.

For one thing, misting systems are not fixed room appliances like air conditioners. A misting system can be moved from one room to another or even outdoors, whereas an air conditioner will always only cool one room.

In addition, misting systems can be used in ways other than to cool oneself. Prior to its commercial or residential applications, misting systems were used to cool off livestock. Furthermore, a misting fan can double as a humidifier for those interested in using such a thing for whatever application they may deem it necessary.

JDE Implementation :Choosing the Best Services

For successful JDE implementation, you have to work with the best experts. Go for experts who have some considerable level of experience in implementing enterprise software. Experienced experts provide enhanced tools and innovative methods to enhance the improvement process. The experienced experts will gain some in depth knowledge of your business. No two businesses are similar; each and every business is unique in its own manner. A personalized implementation strategy has to be developed to suit your business needs. The experts will aim at ensuring that you realize your return on investments effectively and quickly.

The best JDE implementation team is the one that focuses on the results. Proper implementation of JD Edwards system will ensure that you achieve your short term and long term goals as well. The implementation team should always focus on the results that are important to your business. What are some of the benefits of good JD Edwards implementation? You will enjoy some streamlined business processes, improved work-flows and enhanced information flow. In return, you will efficiently meet your business expectations.

The JDE implementation process will follow several phases. The very first phase is the project initiation phase. This involves gathering some information regarding the project. The scope of the project also has to be defined. The project implementation plan is then prepared outlining the course of action to be followed. The project team that works together with the implementation experts has to be identified. The existing business processes are analyzed and any need for improvement is identified. The target business processes to be achieved through the JDE implementation plan are also identified.  The other phases involved include the design and the development phase. During the design phase, the system configuration for specific business processes is designed.

At the JDE implementation phase, a final integrated system testing is conducted. This is to ensure the readiness and to also ensure that all business requirements have been covered. User manuals detailing how the system works are developed. The employees of the company also have to be trained and oriented to ensure that they adapt to the system. Once all the procedures have been conducted, the entire system is rolled out to the entire company according to the plan. Once the project has been implemented and tested, the last phase is the project completion. The project team will announce the official completion of the project. The project outputs will be monitored and any need for improvement noted.

Live Chat Software and Brand Perception

Businesses use many resources in the development and management of their brands. Branding is critical for high profile retailers who have clients spread out across several channels, multi-national companies dealing in fast moving consumer goods and even engineering companies. This is all in an effort to create a brand that registers and resonates with clients. Company logos, mission statements, PR and advertising are all effective ways of defining a brand. However, it is the way you cultivate an effective customer relationship that will ultimately count in the end. One way of achieving this is to implement and adopt live chat software.

Live chat software is an excellent way of having your customers resonate with your mission statement and brand. For instance, Virgin Atlantic has a brand with a mission statement of ?Everyday Innovators?. The ethos on Virgin Atlantic is to actually act on this and deliver. As such, their adoption and implementation of live chat software had to satisfy that fact they are everyday Innovators. The main aim was to provide clients with a service that underpins this statement. This showed that Virgin Atlantic was cognizant of the fact that live chat service has a huge impact on brand perception. This clearly shows the willingness of such companies to go an extra mile in service provision while taking full advantage of existing tools and technologies.

Customer engagement via live chat software has other dividends for companies wishing to stamp their online presence. Most companies that adopt the use of this software record improved conversion rates of 12 to 15 percent. Some have even exceeded this to record 22 percent conversion rates. The use of this live chat service also serves to increase the brand perception of a company. Numerous companies benefit from enhanced brand perception that includes the endorsement of the company and its products or services after implementing the live chat service. The number of people who conduct business with the company also increases considerably.

The ultimate test for any strong brand in a given market is in the relationship that it has with its customers. These all important stakeholders should be convinced beyond reasonable doubts that the company in question is delivering on all its promises. With live chat software, online traders are able to establish meaningful and direct relations with their clients. This usually has a positive ripple effect on the brand perception and eventually on the profits.

Why You Should Get Remote PC Access Software

Computers continue to play a major role in the lives of many people whether from a business point of view or from a personal aspect. The impact that technology has made in the daily lives of people cannot be overstated. The remote PC access software is one of the best solutions that people use to continue making their lives easier when it comes to the use of computers. The software allows the user to access computers from any place without having to be near the computer. This means that you can even work from home just by accessing the computer that is at your workplace. This technology can also allow you to host online conference meetings at the comfort of your home.

The remote PC access software allows the user to connect to any PC that is on your home network from any place. The software works by sending and receiving personal data and information from a central computer to a remote computer. There are many instances when you really want to go home after a busy day in the office, however, you have to carry office files with you so as to work overtime. This can be very tiresome because of the shuttling of files to and fro work which might make you forget to bring a certain file that is crucial. The perfect solution to this problem is the remote access software.

The remote PC access software lets you to access the desktop of another PC. It can also display the work being done by another user who is connected to a local area network or the Internet. The software allows the user to control another computer after installing it in both computers. This gives the user access to every computer that is connected to that network. The software is user friendly. There are some people who don?t use this software with the fear that their computers might be hacked into during the file sharing. However, this can be avoided by having some security measures in place such as the use of passwords and file encryption.

The remote PC access software performs very well and at high speeds. The software allows the transfer of files from one computer to the other and this enables it to be used as a file server where several users can access certain files from a central hard drive. It also allows more than one user to use the remote PC at any time.

Understanding Why Your SEO Company Uses White Hat Tactics

An SEO company can generally fall into one of two categories: a white hat SEO company or a black hat SEO company. If you want a long term campaign that provides lasting results, you have likely chosen a white hat company. Companies that use black hat techniques (which are unethical and considered ?illegal? by the search engines) can actually get their client?s site penalized by the search engine, which often results in a dropped ranking.

Your SEO company chooses to use white hat tactics because they are the ethical way to perform search engine optimization.

White hat tactics adhere to the Google Webmaster White hat tacticsGuidelines, which is a list of suggestions, published by Google, to help webmasters optimize their site. These guidelines do include a list of some techniques that are prohibited to keep the results Google provides high quality, however, the list is not exhaustive and many techniques not listed are also ?illegal?. The goal of any search engine is to provide the most relevant results to the user. These guidelines are in place to make it as easy as possible for the search engine to do that. Techniques that do not follow these guidelines, or even go directly against them, are usually trying to trick or deceive the search engine in some way. The search engine does everything it can to minimize the effects of these techniques, and regularly releases updates to its algorithm so it can better detect them.

White hat tactics also result in a high quality website. Most black hat techniques are geared to the search engine alone, and don?t attempt to make the website a good place for visitors to be. When you optimize your site, you are attempting to make it better for the search engines, but does that mean you want to make your site worse for your visitors? After all, what?s the point of ranking highly and getting a lot more traffic only to have them all leave because your site isn?t user friendly? White hat tactics are used to make a website search engine friendly and user friendly.

A company who uses white hat tactics only avoids punishment by the search engine. If a site is discovered to be using black hat techniques the search engine will penalize that site with a drop in the ranking and may even ban a site from the results page completely. Black hat techniques are counterproductive to the SEO Company?s goal, which is why most companies use white hat techniques.